An arborist, a scientist and a brewer walk into a bar... sounds like the start of a joke, but was instead the start of Manchester's first city centre cidery.

Carrying on the great work started by The Moss Cider Project, who have now moved to High Peak Cider, we’ll be accepting donations of apples grown locally in people’s gardens and allotments to turn into Local Cider, a truly unique northern blend. Some of these apples will find their juice fermented in oak casks with our house yeast, using techniques we’ve learned from some of the USA’s best hard cider producers to give a fuller, richer flavour.

As well as using donated garden apples of all kinds, we’ll be producing single varietal ciders. You might not realise it, but there are a number of orchards around Greater Manchester growing much sought-after cider apples. Our small-batch Single Varietals will be showcasing these wonderful northern apples.

Apples are not the only fruit, and pears aren’t even the only alternative. Using locally grown and foraged fruits, we’ll be producing high-quality fruited Apple Wines as well as lower strength fruit ciders.

But it’s not all about the alcoholic drinks: apple juice is great as it is, and we’ll be creating our own range of Temperance Street Juices, made from locally grown apples and seasonal fruits.