We always need fruit! Apples, pears, crab apples, elderflowers, hawthorns, rosehips, anything we can use to make the flavoured ciders that we produce.

And not all that fruit is in people's gardens. Often there are apple trees growing by the side of the road, in parks and cemeteries, in a random field that you may pass. And we'd like that fruit.

If you know where there is some fruit we can access, please use this form to let us know too. Don't worry about permission to pick it, we can trace the owners and sort that out.

Similarly, if you have fruit trees in your garden but are unable to collect all the fruit to donate to us, just let us know and we can send a volunteer around to either pick it or just pick it up!

To find out the latitude and longitude of a location, first find it on Google Maps, the right click on it and select "What's here?" A small popup will appear with the lat/lng shown.